Kim Mooyoung test shots in Italy
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Anonymous asked: then MAKE A GOOD DECISION.

Gå vekk. Make a good decision and stop eating chocolate all the time. 

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Anonymous asked: What is life made of?

Life is made of decisions. 

You think of what you wish to do in life and you make decisions according to that. Or maybe not. Nevertheless, the result of your decisions makes up your life. If not, the result of other people’s decisions affects you and leads you to something, whether it’s making a decision or the inability to make a decision. It’s a circle. 

Life itself is a decision. I’m alive because of a decision, and so are you. Everyone’s state of life is the result of a decision, whether it’s your own or someone’s else. Life is time, and humans use decisions to fill that time. 

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Korean Sewol Ferry Disaster

This document is being updated frequently with news and events, mostly from Korean news. There are a lot of false rumors and assumptions out there, and CNN are lacking a lot on updated information. Hopefully this’ll help clear many questions and assumtions. 

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Anonymous asked: where can i find the best kookie in the world ;) ?

I did a search and I’m very disappointed.